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Face the lies, porn use, infidelity, emotional abuse, narcissism with support & confidence through specialized support groups and qualified individual coaching.

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You Don’t Need to Figure Out What’s Going On.

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Why Women Choose Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Certified Coaches Who Understand

Traditional therapy and couple counseling don’t identify or address the narcissistic abuse. At BTR, you’ll never be labeled codependent or blamed for the abuse or infidelity. The abuse won’t be blamed on communication issues or relationship problems. We put your emotional, physical, and sexual safety first.

Live, Face-to-Face Interactions Without Having to Travel

At BTR, you never have to travel to an office or find childcare to talk with a betrayal trauma professional. In our confidential group and individual sessions, you can talk with real women in real time.

Different Formats to Fit Your Needs

Daily support group sessions offer validation and community without having to schedule an appointment. You can also schedule an individual session with a specific BTR coach for individual needs. Sessions are available through your computer or phone.

“I felt left out in the dark, so I started searching for something to help ME…”

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No, you’re not crazy. You’re not overreacting.

Our clients report that before coming to BTR, they went to several different therapists and spent an average of 6 sessions trying to explain the situation. And the therapist never really “got it” and gave poor advice.

Why? Because they don’t understand this type of abuse and encourage victims to improve communication, intimacy or attachment – which doesn’t work. Our therapists “get it” the first time – REALLY! And they know how to help you get to safety.

Welcome to Connected Healing with Daily Support Groups

It can be difficult to wait days or weeks until your next appointment. With Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group, you can attend live a group session every day, led by a professional BTR coach. 

Individual Sessions with Certified Coaches

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coaches have experienced the pain of betrayal and abuse. If you want one-on-one support, schedule an Individual Session with one of our BTR certified coaches who listen without judgement and can help you make real, meaningful progress in your life.

BTR Group members receive 10% off individual sessions and session packages.

Are you ready to feel peace again?

Choose from the BTR Group and Individual Sessions. Or you can also join our free Facebook group for instant feedback from women just like you!

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group

Confidential, daily, online group sessions provide the network of support you need to heal.


Attend as many sessions as you need. 


Multiple sessions a day in muliple time zones.


Led by a certified, professional facilitator.


Join the live group face-to-face via smartphone or computer.


Affordable and confidential.

Individual Sessions

One-on-one sessions. Get the education and tools you need to establish peace in your home.


Get support from a certified BTR professional.


Get actionable steps immediately with a coach who “gets it”.


Interact live, via phone or computer.


Choose from a variety of topics or explore anything you’d like to talk about.

Ready For The Next Step?

Ready For The Next Step?

When you join the Betrayal Trauma Recovery community, you'll receive instructions about how to join our free peer-to-peer Facebook group and imperative information you need to establish peace in your home.

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