Our coaches get it. They’ll help you immediately.

Untrained therapists and clergy aren’t able to protect you from lies, gaslighting, emotional abuse. Our Betrayal Trauma Recovery coaches help stop the chaos and pain right away. All individual sessions are 50 minutes, and can be face-to-face online or over the phone. It’s up to you. Group members get 10% off individual sessions.

Btr Coaches

Betrayal Trauma Recovery’s Coaches are trained and certified. We understand this type of abuse and help you establish a peaceful home asap – while other professionals set you up for years of more pain and chaos. Every woman that works for BTR has experienced with betrayal trauma.

BTR coaches cover all the topics you need to establish safety.

Experts Who Understand

Traditional therapy and couple counseling don’t identify or address the narcissistic, emotional & psychological abuse or sexual coercion. At BTR, you’ll never be labeled codependent. The abuse won’t be blamed on communication issues or relationship problems. We put your emotional, physical, and sexual safety first.

Live, Face-to-Face Interactions without Leaving Your Home

At BTR, you never have to travel to an office or find childcare to talk with a betrayal trauma professional.

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Not Sure How to Get Started?

Learn the basics to get started with your Betrayal Trauma Recovery.

“There was a long period of time where I thought I was in recovery, and I actually wasn’t. I didn’t’ know what boundaries were. I didn’t know the healing stages. Once I knew how to heal, my healing progressed significantly.” A, Utah, USA

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